info for parents

what is playlabs®?

playlabs® is a place where not only great gamers are made, but great teammates and individuals are created. A day at playlabs® is not just spent in front of a computer mindlessly playing games. Here, players of all ages are actively learning communication, leadership, and social skills, as well as physical and mental exercises that will benefit them not just in the virtual world, but also in the real world. Our team of coaches are focused on helping your son or daughter develop these skills that can be applied both in and out of game in all aspects of life.

what are esports?

Esports, by definition, are competitive electronic sports that often take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions between players. They are the electronic equivalent of your favorite sport. Take all the elements you love or appreciate about your favorite sport: competition, excitement, fandom, entertainment, and apply it to video games. Video games now have live and in person competitions, college and pro teams, each with their own coaches, arenas, and fans.

what makes my child playing at playlabs® different from them playing at home?

playlabs® is designed to offer structured direction for casual or competitive gaming. Our programs help build social and communication skills, sportsmanship, and community.

Think of us as the difference between your child playing alone at home or in a safe space with friends and supervision. A strong comparison can be drawn with any traditional sport. For example, your child can play soccer by themselves in the backyard, or they can play in an organized league or a specialized camp. While they can develop some skills on their own at home, real growth and development happens in an organized environment. Playlabs® is that organized environment for video games.

what is the value of developing skills playing video games?

The most relevant and impactful gain, outside the development of important life skills, is the ability to earn a college scholarship. Yes, you read that correctly. Your son or daughter can earn a college scholarship to play video games in college. For a list of colleges that offer esports scholarships, click here.

I’m ready to get my child signed up. what now?

Check out our training page to view some of our offerings and get signed up! If you’re unsure of what to sign up for, stop by our facility with your son or daughter and enjoy some open gaming time.

If you have any other questions, give us a call! 248.468.8000