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My love for gaming started at an early age and an early stage for video games. My brother would always have pinball and full-size arcade games at the house. But it wasn’t until he brought home a Bally Astrocade (circa 1981) that I found my calling. Growing up with console and PC gaming meant I had to start something in the industry.

playlabs® started as Division-G in the basement of our IT company back in 2002. We used to hold LANs after work and on weekends. It became a business when people would ask to rent our space for their own parties. Now, playlabs® is focused on making great gamers through training that is focused on gameplay, communication, and wellness – the core elements of every champion.

I don’t really have any single game or genre that I play all the time, I like to mix it up and give everything a try. It’s really about the social aspect for me. I like to win, but I also like to share in the victory in-person, with my friends.

Catch up with me on Discord. OG? Send me an email.

• Discord: Spoonman#0690
• Twitter: @spoonmanGG
• Email: n@spoonman.gg
• Battlenet: Spoonman#11266
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• PSN: SpoonmanHSE
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