summer camps

playlabs is offering 3 distinct camps for Summer 2024. Multiple dates are available throughout June, July, and August, so follow the links below and sign up for the session that best suits your camper!

playlabs gaming camp

The playlabs gaming camp will give you the opportunity to play like the pros! You’ll be playing a variety of competitive esports titles alongside a professional playlabs coach and engaging in physical activities related to some of the games played. You will be sitting next to your teammates and across from your competition while you compete for glory and bragging rights. Do you have what it takes to be the champion? 

kids & parents gaming camp

This camp is the ultimate bonding experience for kids and parents! Playing alongside each other while you train with a professional playlabs coach in a variety of games, and then compete with the other campers to see who the best is. Do you have what it takes to play together and be champions?

ultimate smash camp

This camp will feature non-stop action in one of the most popular games out there; Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Campers will work with a professional playlabs coach to practice and perfect their skills all culminating in a grand final event on the last day of camp. New and experienced players are welcome!